Crochet Maternity Clothes

Who knew posting one (not so good even) belly shot would get so many questions!

But I keep hearing over and over, "What can I make for me/my sister/ my daughter/ my best friend that she can wear during her pregnancy?". Hmm, good question. I am by no means an expert (especially since this is my first), but I can tell you what I have been wearing. Keep in mind, that all of these are my patterns since that's what I have around my house.

My favorite top is the Dream Motif Tunic. It is super-oversized, and with the belt gives a cute glimpse of the bump. It's my favorite since you can wear it with long sleeves or a tank. I'm wearing right now.

My favorite cardi is the Comfi Cardi from CrochetMe. It basically has the belly cut out, so I can layer it over any of my tops. It adds some nice lines to the back which can be very flattering when those maternity tops want to wing out back there.

I have been also wearing the Lucky Clover Shawl a bunch as well. I have been freezing these last few months. (Think chills that you can't get rid of kind of cold.) I have never really been a shawl person, but I find that gravitate to it all the time.

The Rochelle Ripple Jacket has been really nice to throw on as well. It is really light weight, and even though I can't close it. I can close it right under my bust and let the bump peek out.

My last suggestion is the RaeAnne Shawl Sweater from Blueprint Crochet. I am actually making this one right now. I am following the pattern, but will not do the ribbing at the bottom. Instead, I am going to buckle it on the side right under my bust. The fronts have so much extra fabric that I know it will encircle me for a while. Granted once September comes, I'll be too big; but it still should be cute for a number of months.

If you have any suggestions for other crochet patterns, feel free to leave a comment on the blog. I am sure it will help out a number of crocheters.


Michell said...

The "Urban Wrap Top" had a comment about adjusting that for Maternity. I actually ran the idea by a friend of mine who is just starting to show...I think it is a great suggestion to adapt that as well!

Congrats on your "coming soon"...teeheehee would this be considered a "sneak peek"?! :)

Michell King
Chandler AZ

Robyn said...

From Tammy:(via email)
Hey Robyn,
I meant to post this on your blog earlier but got distracted and never got back to it. So - this is easier - I did a couple maternity tops for Crochet! magazine. It was definitely in a May issue. I remember because Carol did a whole Mother's Day thing but I can't remember if it was last year or the year before. So if you feel like flipping through your old magazines. One is a tank top in fuchsia cotton with a little matching bolero and belt. Then there is a fancier set done in SWTC bamboo. Anyhow, just thought I would mention. And you are just too adorable!!! Keep posting pics. We love seeing new Moms :-)


Anonymous said...

Congrats on your pregnancy! You look fantastic!

Anonymous said...

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Jess said...

Congrats, Robyn! Your post is very timely, as I'm expecting my 3rd little one in early September, and I'm bustin' out of my clothes all over the place. :)


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