More Books to Add to your Library

Over the last few months, I have noticed I have turned to the same couple of books over and over for inspiration.

Beautiful Crochet Autumn/ Winter and Beautiful Crochet Spring/ Summer 16 are two of my current favs. They are Japanese Crochet Pattern books. I got them over at YesAsia.com which I have ordered from a bunch of times.

If you have never flipped through a Japanese Craft book, let me tell you they are amazing. Simply stunning from cover to cover. Yes, I can not read them per say; but I can read crochet symbols and that is all you really need. There projects are diagrammed to the level, I only hope I can achieve one day. (see the pic below) All their stitch patterns and granny motifs are fresh and innovative. If you are not sure what a symbol is, they have illustrations for each symbol so you can just follow the hand movements. Brilliant.

I notice that when I am stuck in a rut, I grab the closest ball of yarn and one of these books and test out a new stitch pattern. So far, by the time I have finished my swatch, whatever was blocking my design process is gone and usually a new design has popped in my head.

So if you are looking for designs that unique and fresh, I really recommend checking them out. If you are someone who needs everything written out for you, these are not the books for you. But if you are confident in reading symbols, then jump right in. I know you will find some great ideas inside.


Izabela said...

I totally understand you, I just love those books and the patterns there, I am an eye person and love to follow the diagram not the written explanation, I just recently bought your book Blueprint Crochet only because there are diagrams...

I am just testing first pattern from it and it comes out great so well done :)

cveditions said...

Very interesting. I was wondering how you figure out the guage. I like the pictures on your blog, so I'll check it out.

Robyn said...

Good question Pam!

In their stitch pattern diagram, they label the gauge. So you can clearly see that say 4 shells needs to equal 6 inches or 15 cm. Its very cool.

The only real problem is figuring out the yarn blend. So you would have to be confident in you selection, unless you figure out how to translate.

Susan Wike said...

It seems that there is a higher regard for crochet in Japan and in France. I wonder why. Crochet is so wonderful and fun.