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It's been a quiet week around the CBF headquarters. I had a few proposals to get out and not much time for making progress on any of my projects. (Mainly due to dealing with Faye, she has developed some foot infection and we are at the vet all the time now. Poor Baby- since all she wants to do is go play, she couldn't care if her paws are hurt, she just wants to go go go. Keeping a 80lb GS settled is a full time job in the spring.)

I have been trying to crochet a few blocks of this new project each time. More for me to get to touch some yarn. Its going to be a new pattern in the Crochet By Faye line. I'll be posting pictures from time to time as it grows.

Hope the week has been more productive for you guys!

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Robin said...

Poor Faye! Tricky keeping her off her feet I'm sure. Hope she feels better soon.