Professional Development Day at CGOA

For all you crochet professionals and aspiring professionals, we have finalized the schedule of events at this year's Professional Development Day (PDD) at CGOA's National Convention. This year it will be on August 5th at the Buffalo Convention Center.

Those of you who have not been to a PDD it is a day devoted to helping you grow and success in the crochet industry. I should say that even though it is crochet-centric, everything we will discuss is easily transferred to the knitting profession as well. PDD is my favorite day, and probably the foremost reason why I am an active guild member. I have been to a number over the years, and each time I come away with something new I did not know before. I have found that the cost of the day and traveling, have far exceeded what I have gained by attending (and I'm not talking about the freebies and yarn that is given away, but the advice and networking that I would have never gotten if I stayed home!)

This year our theme of the day is all about everything you can do with a crochet career. From designer, to editor, to yarn store owner, to teacher, to yarn company rep, to podcaster, and more!

The morning will be a panel discussion from a great group of professionals willing to share their keys to success with everyone. Panelists include: Edie Eckman, Author of Beyond the Square Crochet Motifs; Drew Emborsky, Author of The Crochet Dude's Designs for Guys; Cari Clemens, Director of Fashion and Yarn at Caron International; Brett Bara, editor of Crochet Today! and host of Knit and Crochet Today; emcee by me. (I know, I told you they were a great group!) We will be discussing everyday life situations and how each of us individually handles them. Even though the panel will not be giving out legal advice, they will be telling you how they deal with things like: taxes, negotiating a contract, advertising themselves, juggling deadlines, organizational tips, and much more.

The afternoon is divided into break-out sessions which will delve deeper into some of the topics we will discuss in the morning. Each attendee can choose to go to any 3 of the 8 classes offered. Classes range from contract crocheting, teaching, design inspiration, self publishing, designing for a magazine, owning your own shop, using the internet to your benefit, and the ins and outs of schematics.

You can get more information on how to sign up and about the day here. Hope to see you there!

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