Looking for some fabric?

Looking for some fabric that is totally awesome with some never before seen designs?

Well, go check out my friend Qiana's etsy shop. She is a graphic artist that turned some of her artwork into fabric. It is really modern and totally fabulous. I have been patiently waiting for her to post them, because her flickr stream was SO tempting! (Is her work just not totally inspiring? That Flickr set is so awesome!)

She's offering them in fat quarters (18" by 21"), if you want more; just email her. I can totally see these turning into amazing bags, pillows, dresses, curtains, and more and more.

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banneull said...

A comment about something completely different: I finally got Sensual crochet today (ordered it online) and the first pattern I'm planning to try out is your Angel bunny cowl. I love the pattern and I love skiing ;-)