Inside Crochet Uncovered

Have you seen the preview for the new magazine, Inside Crochet?

It is a UK based magazine that is headed by two of my favorite people, Amy O'Neill Houck and Julie Holetz. Both of who have tech edited my books, Amy on Mission Falls and Julie on Blueprint Crochet. So even though I love them anyway, I can say too that they are awesome editors and this magazine I just know will be great.

I feel extra special, because they let me contribute a couple of articles that I hope you all will love. One will be a series in the magazine, but I won't say more until you get it in your hands. Which you should be able to do either by ordering it online, or at B&N or Borders here in the US. Check with IS just to be sure, first. You can also join the Ravelry Group, where I am sure they will have lots more info on the magazine.

There are a couple of designs I can share with you though. I have 2 designs in the first issue.

River Road Cardi is a combo of granny flower yoke and a top down cardigan. Yup, I combined my 2 favorite methods in one sweater. It is made with Debbie Bliss, Rialto DK yarn (very nice to work with). Here are a few more pics of the cardi before I sent it out. And of course the sneak preview (I know I was super sneaky with that one!) My preview was correct, I did whip this out quick. Mainly because I must have fiddled with the next line at least a dozen times, so in the end I had to move quick to ship it over to England in time.

Meadow Scarf is another granny motif project. This one is bright and fun with different colors on each round of the granny flower. Here is my pic of it before I shipped it out, you can see the colors a bit better. This one didn't have any sneak preview, or at least none that I can find. My wonderful cousin whipped this out for me over the holidays when I was designing the rest for the magazine. The yarn is Sublime, which (and I know Rebecca would agree with me) is sublime to crochet with. It's a cashmere, wool, silk blend- what's not to love?

I can't wait to get a copy of it. I really love the look of Chloe's Kimono and Monica's vest; and I can't wait to see what else they have in store for us!


Aileen said...

Hey, nice one with the magazine stuff :) I am really looking forward to it showing up in my local newsagent and having a closer look at your designs!

Mary Sarah said...

I'm excited to get a copy of this. I love your designs!

Anonymous said...

Check with IS?? Help who is IS?? I called our local Borders and they said they won't know if they'll get inside crochet until/if they get it. I want this magazine!!!!


Robyn said...

IS = Inside Crochet

I would email them directly. I do not know where the magazine will be distributed; but I know they will know.

SpringSplndr said...

Does anyone know anything about magazinesondemand.co.uk? They have the magazine available digitally. Looks like the US prices are the same as a subscription. Would love any input before I buy.


Robyn said...

Hi Andrea,

I ordered a digital subscription through them. It was very fast, and cheap. I blogged about it last week. I liked it, I don't know about the company; but so far the service has been great.


SpringSplndr said...

Robyn, Thanks for the reply! I really should start reading blogs regularly (then I wouldn't ask stupid questions). Love your patterns!