Pinky Sneak Preview

I have been in turbo crochet gear for about a solid week. That means all crochet all the time. Forget cookin, cleanin, bloggin, writin, etc. Just crochet all the time.

Why? Well, in typical Robyn style, I agreed to too many projects that all are due within a week of each other. If my schedule was normal, and I wasn't flitting off to promote Blueprint Crochet. I would probably still be crazy, but at least I wouldn't worry so much if I had to do an all-nighter to get a project done.

Time is the toughest killer for designers. Sometimes a design comes together exactly as you thought out and you are perfectly fine on time. But most of the time, some obstacle pops up and you have to deal with it. Normally those obstacles are self inflicted, as in I don't quite like the way that is draping- so I re-block it. Or I don't like the ribbing, so I rip it out and re-crochet it. Stuff like that. Well, on the 3 projects I have surrounding me. They are full of obstacles. Nothing I can't handle or fix; just things that will cost time.

On this project, my oops was in setting the correct placement for the closure. The darn buttonhole. So I used my handy moving a buttonhole technique, not once- but twice. Aargh.

Otherwise the project was quite enjoyable. It was a simple repeating pattern in a nice size hook (H hook). It was lacy for the most part, so I could crochet it by feel (almost with my eyes closed). I enjoy those projects, ones that you can get into a rhythmic state. This one was like that. Plus, it is a bamboo wool blend, which just flows great through your hands.

I'll let you know more about the project once it's published. Now back to my crocheting cave.

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Annette said...

So happy to see I'm not the only one with time issues!