Fun in Philly

This weekend the CBF Fam and I headed down to South Street in Philly to enjoy some yarny good time at Loop.

If you haven't been, it is a definite to add to the list in the Philly Area. Just a few blocks off of the South Street Bridge, very easy to find. Craig's shop is bright and cheery. He has lots of my favorites in stock, plus a boatload of fun buttons and shawl pins to choose from. I came home with some Colorful Yarn (dyed and spun only a few blocks from the shop- the color on the hank is "steel" and how can this engineer not buy that right?) and a couple handmade buttons. (I'll try to get a pic on flickr in the next few days). Mom came home with a handmade shawl pin that was beautiful.

Saturday morning we had a full class for Beyond the Afghan. My personal success of the day, was my friend Stacey. Stacey and I have been friends since we were 2 years old. She is the one that actually got me to talk. (This may seem wild, but I didn't actually talk until I was 2. I know you can't believe that since I am such a blabber mouth now). In daycare, she would hit me whenever I would point and grunt at something, and say "talk". Well I learned quick after that! Anyway, Stacey has been a crocheter most of her life. But never really moved beyond some basics. Well, I encouraged her to come to the class anyway, because I just had the feeling she would pick it up. And boy did she! By the end of the day, she not only totally was hooked on symbols but already completed a bunch of granny squares for the Crystal Lace Bolero. Totally awesome! I'll have to get her to send me a pic when she is done and post it for you guys. The rest of the class I think enjoyed it too. So I'm adding them to my converts to symbol crochet. Oh, and another amazing crocheter commuted 2 hours to come talk the class. Big hug to her! (Sorry I am picture less of the class, I totally forgot to stop chatting long enough to snap a picture.)

After lunch; Mom, Stacey and I headed back to Loop for the book signing. We had a constant stream of the nicest crocheters come by and say hi and pick up a copy of the book. I got to finish a Madison Scarf (for Madison actually) while I was signing and chatting.

Sunday morning we headed back down for Crochet Like a Pro. This time I had crocheters from not only Philly, but NJ and Delaware! We had a good time learning new stitches, moving buttonholes, and playing with beads. (In the background you can see the Colorful Yarn hanging up behind me. Now you know why it had to come home with me.)

Even though it was a short trip back home, it was so enjoyable to be there. I still had a lingering cold, so I did not get a bite of the fantastic cheesesteaks or pizza (but I made Mr CBF eat enough for both of us). But the yarn I brought home and all the wonderful crocheters I met, made the travel all worth it even with my cold.

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