Ashlar Cardigan from Classic Elite

Looking for a project to crochet tonight while waiting for the election results to come in?

Ashlar Cardigan may be just what you are looking for. She is a top down cardigan (that you can wonderfully try on as you go) made from Princess and Inca Alpaca yarn from Classic Elite.

As I told you in the sneak preview, I LOVE this design. It is very much my style and colors I wear everyday and use around the house. But the most fun, was picking out the yarn. Classic Elite gave me full range (my exact instructions were to design something that I liked and would match the style in my book.) Ok. So they sent me a big box of yarn to swatch with. Man, was I inspired. Their yarn is great. Very Robyn. Lots of wool and alpaca blends- yum. So it was a really tough decision just to choose which yarn I wanted to use.

I managed though. But I did have to use 2 yarns. I really enjoyed how the Alpaca was a bit loftier compared to the Merino blend, and the interplay of them was just the ticket for me.

But the best part of the pattern is that its available for free. Yes, you heard me correctly. It is F R E E.

How cool is that?

You will get all the standard Robyn Crochet diagrams in the pattern. If you have any questions on how to read them, just pick up a copy of my book, Blueprint Crochet. It will explain how to read them.

If you want to see more photos, check Ashlar out on Ravelry. Hope you enjoy!


SAM said...

Hi! I was so excited when I got the Classic Elite newsletter with your pattern! It is great!

Mary Sarah said...

Love it! I'm off to get the pattern! I love Classic Elite yarn! Thanks so much!

Jessica said...

Cute! I love the color work up top...it's in my queue :)

Kim Gail said...
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