Rochelle Modeled

Also on Saturday (yes it was a busy day)

I got (the wonderfully sweet) Megan to model the Rochelle Ripple Jacket for me.

The reaction from Mr CBF was the best! "Boy, Robyn, that looked really good on Megan. I didn't get that sweater until she wore it." Keep in mind that Suzie Q has worn it every day for months, and it wasn't until Megan wore it that he liked it. I'm a happy gal.

Rochelle is extremely lightweight in a mix of Lily Chin's yarns. Really perfect for fall days layering. Or for using your random leftover yarn, since it is made from yarn that all are different weights and fibers.

You can see it on Ravelry. Or tell your LYS to sell it by stopping by the Stitch Coop.

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Anna O'Reilly said...

Love it! You combine style and crochet beautifully!