How to crochet when you can't bring a bag...

Robyn doing a fitting
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Yesterday was so beautiful, we took the afternoon off and took a hike. Well us and our closest 10,000 friends that is; and headed over to hear Barack Obama speak in our local park. And by local, I mean it is 2 miles from our house.

Now I am not sure if it was my parents teachings, or how we used to live in DC; but I am a firm believer in, if you are close enough to hear a candidate speak, then go hear them speak. Whether you like them or not; how are you really going to know what they believe in if you don't listen to them speak? Granted, I am a huge Obama fan; but if McCain was only 2 miles from my house I would sure try to go see him too. Plus, how cool is it to literally be a part of history. Pretty cool indeed.

So how is this related to crochet? Well, you know me. I don't wait in grocery lines without crochet; there was no way I was going to leave my crochet behind waiting for the speeches either. BUT, the rally doesn't let you bring in bags. I'll be honest, that threw me for a while. I love Barack, but how could I not bring my crochet?

Clothing to the rescue. I loaded up some cargo capris with a hook, my cell phone, and extra yarn. Then I literally wore the sweater on the hike and into the rally. Ok, so it got a bit hot; and it sort of freaked out a few of my fellow crowd people. But it was so worth it.

Obama's speech was delayed, so I got tons of good crochet time. And best part, I got my friend, Chris, to try it on for me so I could check the length. A live model! How awesome is that?

All in all, it was a great day. Beautiful sunshine. Fun crowd. History in front of my eyes. Great crocheting, and a live model. What more could I ask for?

Thank you Qiana for coming to our rescue with taking pics!


Anonymous said...

GASP. You went to that Obama speech? ((((pangs of jealousy))))

Robyn said...

hee hee, yup.

By moving to Cincy, we have had more opportunities to see more presidents and vice presidents then we have ever had in DC. In DC, we got to go to a speech by President Clinton (which has been the most amazing encounter I have ever been to- he is such a fantastic speaker); but here we have seen Bush, Cheney, Hilary, Obama, and McCain. It's really cool to live in a swing state!

ROXY said...

Oh, I'm so jealous!!! I'm sure it was inspirational!!

erin said...

It's weird, cause I live in a small town in Pennsylvania, but the candidates always stop here...maybe it's because we're in a showdown state?
I've seen Bush Sr., Bush Jr., Kerry(who I saw alot, being I was living in Pittsburgh at the time and his wife lives there), Clinton and Hillary Clinton (when Hillary was running) and McCain. I was home with a sick baby when Obama was here.

Unknown said...

you called it...it's the small towns and swing states. i've lived outside
DC my whole life and, while i've been on lots of amazing marches and love it here, we NEVER get the political rallies for the elections.

so cool that you got to go!

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