Ashlar Sneak Peek

This morning I have shipped off this cutie under complete protest.

Why? Because for once it fits me! But the good news, is that it will be coming back to me in a few weeks. YAY! In time for winter wearing!

It's a top down cardigan made from both alpaca and wool yarns. The alpaca is a little fuzzy and makes up the yoke. The wool blend is the plum colored body. I love both the texture differences as well as the colors. These are my colors this fall. I have tended to wear some combo of them everyday.

The design I am pretty pleased with. I was given free range in coming up with a design, which can be challenging for me. I tend to easily loose focus. So I immediately picked a style and color range that I would wear. I wear some cardigan almost everyday- I'm big into layers, so that was an easy choice. The construction was a bit tougher, it was a real toss up from top-down or granny squares. But the true toughy, was picking out the yarn (which I'll explain when this is released).

Speaking of being released, I think this one will actually be a short wait. I think we only have to wait a few short weeks. Oh, that means I really need to get moving and send in my pattern!


Kimberly Ann said...

Really cute. You are right about those colors - they are a great combination. Love your work!

randi K design said...

Cute jacket, nice colors!

Shawnee said...

I just love your designs!