Hello Denver!

I have to say, Denver was amazing! You denverites (or is it denvertonites or denverons) have a great city. Not only is your downtown fun (and has a great sense of humor), but you have incredible scenery just minutes away.

We were so impressed driving around, that we felt like we must have been on a different planet. This and this were what we awoke to each morning, not bad!

Marly, from YarnThing, was my gracious host though all the great yarn stores. She was also my class angel by keeping all the classes fun with her bright smile. (Thanks, Marly!)

Here's a quick recap of all the fun:

Channel 9 News- yup, I got to tape a news segment for the local news at 4pm. It was Mr CBF's first time in a studio, and as an architect, he was quite drawn to all the cool spaces they have in the building. Kirk Montgomery was my host, and was quick and very knowledgeable about crochet. It was quite a surprise, as I was ready to have to explain all sorts of things about the book and crochet.
Break- We then got a bit of a break and got to check out the downtown. Tricia and Laura tipped us off to the big blue bear at the convention center, and who can pass that up?
Purls of Wisdom, Sock Class- Jen from Purls of Wisdom was my great host at her shop. It was modern and bright and very comfortable for teaching and shopping. We got to pause during class to catch the end of the news segment which was very surreal to do. Class was great, I got to hang out with a number of crocheters which was very special for me.
Marly Day 1

Knit Knack- Holy Cow, this store is amazing. Gerri was my host for her shop, which is exactly what my dream shop looks like in my head. She has combined a coffee shop with a yarn store, which just gives off this great vibe to want to come and stitch.
Beyond the Afghan- Our morning class was great. I was so proud of all my students for being so much fun to teach and really giving it their all in learning.
Sit and stitch- After lunch and class, I got the really special treat of hanging out with the "regulars". I can not tell you how amazingly welcome they all made me feel. Betsy gave me a sweet gift of one of her Bear Stitch Marker, which I wore around all day. I also got to check out a bunch of comfy cardis, which was so much fun (like Jill's to the right.) I can't tell you how special it is to see so many people making something I published- big heart swell!
Fashion Show/ Yarn and Button Score - At the end of the day, we had an impromptu fashion show and cake. (I know how amazing is that cake?) Heather was my very patient model, and we all had fun. (Sorry I am picture less- she was really cute!) I got a score from the shop of olive buttons and hand dyed yarn. I just couldn't pass up when Marly said the yarn is local.
Indian Restaurant/ Brewery Dinner- as Mr CBF said, "if their was an Indian restaurant with a brewery near us, I would have insisted we get married there."
Marly Day 2

A Knitted Peace- Marsha and Jane were my lovely hosts in Littleton. Their shop is warm and filled with gems.
Crochet Like a Pro and Katie Bolero classes were again filled with crocheters who where bright and ready to learn which really warmed my heart.
Marly Day 3 (getting tired? 4 classes of me, and I would be tired too!)
Mexican Dinner (our last time to fill up before heading back to Ohio) and a Quick Hike. Then off to pack and bed for our early flight out.

All in all the weekend was a blast! Can't wait to go back soon!

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BetsyK said...

We LOVED having you here in Colorado. You can hang at the Knit Knack any time.

I LOVE the menorah! Though my son is 17 now, I'm still going to make one and save it for my grandchildren. Heck, it's so cute I may display it next to our "real" menorah come Hanukah.