Crochet Today Holiday Preview

On a whim, I checked in on what was new at Crochet Today, and I bumped into their Holiday Preview!

How fun! I have been dying to tell you what my mysterious octopus-like project was in July. It was your very own Menorah!

What timing for it to come out, especially with today being Rosh Hashanah! Being an aunt of many, I adored creating this project. I could just see many of my nieces and nephews that are too young to light the candles have fun playing with this one at Hanukkah. Plus, it just cracks me up. I had everyone who watched me crochet it dying laughing at how funny it is. I really really did look like a blue lobster for long time. Faye was quite bummed that it was not for her, she really really wanted a new fun toy.

Hee hee, it makes me laugh with joy seeing it again!


Unknown said...

I KNEW that had to be yours, Robyn! It's so whimsical, my dad's best friends family is Jewish, and I should make them one of these =)

aka Crochetcollection

Unknown said...

I just called my nine year old daughter over to the computer screen to look at this, and she's insisting that I make her one. She especially likes the removable candles. What a great project!


IamSusie said...

This is truly fantastic! I'm not even Jewish, but I think I might need one of these!

juliloquy said...

You are amazing. Blue lobster - hee!