Taking the Lead + CGOA Roundup

Since we were so rudely interrupted last time, I tried to fill you in on CGOA Convention, I'll try my skills at remembering in this Roundup. (BTW, thank you everyone for your well wishes! I really appreciated it!)

- Loved it! PDD is my favorite part of the guild.
- HUGE turnout this year! Did you see Drew's pics? It was entire ballroom full of crocheters.
- Rita and Jean gave an entire morning session about book proposals from conception to marketing. It was so informative. Worth the price of admission just for the million contacts and ideas.
- Amy, from Crochetville, talked about what the forum can do for you and unveiled their new Professional Area, only for professional. Cool, huh?
- The breakout sessions were all about supporting Rita and Jean's lecture. I talked about being professional and confident in every from proposals to submitting patterns. I know others talked about inspiration, contract crochet, and working for editors. I heard some great feedback from their sessions. Vashti has a great roundup and pics on her site to check out.
- My classes were wonderful. Everyone asked great questions and were so enthusiastic!
- I sadly forgot to take any pics of the day in my pure excitement. So I'll let you know if I see any more posted.

- Was a cute city with lots of character.
- Tons of old buildings for this engineer to check out. (Like the old armory that is now the hotel's ballroom)

- I got to hang out a ton with Sheryl from Yarntopia. We had a blast being entertained by Drew.
- Got to connect with all my crochet design buddies that I usually only get to talk to online. Face to face is just so great!

Mission Falls Goes Crochet
- I got to see the finished booklet at the Market Preview.
- I have to say that the printing looks great! There's written directions and symbol diagrams in the patterns. The quality of the booklet is great.
- Adirondack Yarns and The Needle Lady both asked me to autograph their copies, so if they have any left you can contact them and you may even get my john hancock on yours.

So that's about all I got to do- b.c you know the end... I caught a bug and ran home.

Before I left, Drew did announce my new position.
What is it?

Well, I'm the new Professional Development Chairperson for CGOA. I'm going to be taking the reins from Drew who did a fantastic job, and hopefully I can do just as well. I have lots of ideas in the cooker, per se. Hopefully, I'll be able to implement some of them. I just can't wait to work with my committee and see the program develop. I love the guild and just feel so honored to be asked to this position!


TurquoizBlue said...

Congrats on your new position!

Unknown said...

Wow, Congratulations Robyn!! I tell you, I just have to join CGOA just for their professional development program. I have so many ideas buzzing around in my head...it's just how to get them out!!?

I really hope that I'll have a free summer next year and am able to convince my mom that we need to go to the conference!

SAM said...

Knowing what you put into everything you do, I know you'll do an amazing job! That day is the absolute highlight of the conference for me.