Sneak Preview Weekly

Sneak Preview Weekly: Sorbet for you

Today's sneak peek is literally straight off the hook. My fearless cousin, Rebecca, stepped up brilliantly to my grovelling of needing help to crochet this. And boy, did she ever! She crocheted it in record time too, I think she was on to the edging within a week and even before I could get her written edging directions! (I did have a crochet diagram, but still! She was amazing!)

I'm calling this sorbet, because as a kid this is always what my ice cream looked like after I was finishing playing with it. The sprinkles would start to melt in to the ice cream, which then I would stir it up into a milkshake to see all the pretty colors whirl together. I have to say, I was a bit scared if the colors would work or just end up like my messy sorbet. But after trying it on, and playing with it, I think it's great. You will have to see the context though, to totally see it too. That context might take a while, this project is for a book contribution. So you know how that goes, you see it today but it may be a year before you see it again.

The yarn is totally yummy. It's Sheep Shop 3, which I have been loving to crochet with. Plus, it makes great projects, nice and silky when you are finished. And look how lovely it blocks out! Speaking of blocking, I have to give my wonderful fantastic couz another big hug for blocking the project too! I can tell you it must not have been easy to block this one. The edging just looks great with all the care she gave it for me! I have been totally inspired by big bold edgings lately and you'll see a bunch of my new projects with them - so I hope you love fun edgings too.

Of course, I'll let you know more about this project when I can, but for now all I got for you is a quick peek.

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Megan said...

Heh, you sound like my sister. She always stirred her ice cream up before she ate it so it looked more like soft serve than scoops. Whereas on the other hand, I just horked mine down. :D