Knitscene Fall 2008 Preview

Yesterday, I got quite the surprise in the email, with the announcement of the Fall Preview over at Knitscene.

I am quite excited about this Issue. I was pretty darn floored when Lisa emailed me asking if I would like to submit to the mag. Uh, YEAH! So I quickly rushed her off some sketches and swatches, and then was equally happy when she got back to me super quick wanting 2 designs. I can tell you, it's also a bit intimidating being in a predominately knitting magazine. I am a firm evangelical that crochet makes just as lovely fabric as other crafts, and I sure do hope that these projects speak well to that. On the other hand, I totally love them; and really that's all that I hope for when I'm designing. The other cool thing about these guys, is that they are totally not advanced at all (they just play one on TV). I just adore it when projects can be easy, and adorable all at the same time.

Ok, Robyn, so what's yours?

Bordeaux Jacket (aka Burgundy Crop- that was my name for the project, but I like theirs very much)

This cropped jacket is made in one piece starting at the back, adding chains for the arms, then working to the front. Fold in half, and add some ribbing. I think I crocheted the entire piece in 3 days. Granted I was totally on a deadline, but still, I enjoyed it so much I could see myself crocheting that quickly anyway. The stitch is a mesh extended single crochet, which you can see better in my sneak peek post. I loved playing with the collar on Susie Q. Flip it up, flip it down. Plus I'm always into asymmetrical closures, so I was sort of in love with this one from the start. The yarn is a lovely Zara, Merino Wool (so yes, my love of merino definitely helped with my love of crocheting this one!). You can see some more pics of it on Ravelry here and here.

Reticella Vest (aka Cappa Vest- that was my name for the project, but I like theirs very much more!)

This one was a joy and totally Robyn. It is my go to construction of a bunch of granny squares all crocheted together to make a cool fabric. If you have taken Beyond the Afghan with me, then you know the secret this project holds. The style is quickly becoming a favorite of mine this Fall. It is so easily converted from hanging open and loose at the waist to closed up and almost cowl neck. Again, I played a ton with it on Susie Q, you can see that to the right here. It is just a really enjoyable shape to wear, since you can play with it all day and get very different looks. I also love that it will fit lots of different body shapes. Tiffany helped me crochet all those adorable granny squares, which you can see better in the sneak peek blog post. There's also more views of the vest at Ravelry here and here.

Hope you enjoy. I have to say, I quite adore a number of other projects in the mag, esp the Riding to Alavon sweater. All those buttons are just awesome!


Mary Sarah said...

They are both awesome!!! Congratulations!!!

Cara said...

You've really outdone yourself with the Reticella Vest--that is too gorgeous!!

G.R.I.T.S. said...

Congratulations!!! Awesome patterns!!!


Connie said...

Thanks for mentioning my Avalon hoodie. I love your Reticella Vest. In fact, I just recommended it to a friend who's looking for a nice cover up for her wedding dress. It's a gorgeous design! :)i[