Heading out of town, again

My list of things to pack this weekend is cracking me up, its pretty much the same as last weekend. I have no idea why I am obsessing about the list, seeing that its the same as last weekend, but I have to have my list. I am such a list person. Yesterday, I made a list of things to ask Mr. CBF on our nightly walk, you know in case I forgot. (Not like I don't see him at home, and could totally ask him then if I forgot one. I'm a total oddball.).

So on my list this weekend-
-Faye's bag- which holds treats, pills, toys, water, food, bowls, leashes
-Computer bag- with every crochet reference book I will want, yarn for 3 projects (so I don't get bored, and if the space time continuum starts working and the weekend turns into a week), meds for allergies, preview pamphlets of books (in case, I want to whip them out at the wedding)- bag is bursting
-Luggage- fancy dress for wedding, jogging clothes, hiking clothes, hanging out clothes, lake clothes, pjs, nice dinner clothes (we will be in State College for 2 days- no idea why I think I need all this)
-Maps to friends houses and wedding
-Books on CD (multiple in case one is boring)

How is it that a vacation away, seems to stress you out about if you forget something? Silly.

So instead of worrying about how much I am packing, I'm concentrating on what I'll be crocheting on our long drive. Socks and tunic are at the top of my list. The tunic I really wanted to finish for CGOA, I am doubtful that will happen. I'm far along, but I still doubt I'll have time to finish it/ block it/ weave in ends before we come home Mon and I fly out for CGOA on Tues. Doubtful, but hopeful still.

Anyway, I'll be pretty much away for a week. I'll be periodically checking my email, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Hope you have a great week!


Wade said...

Have fun!!

Mary Sarah said...

Have a great weekend and great week next week! I can't wait to hear all about the conference!