Yard Sale and Giveaway

Last Yard Sale for the season is going on this week only.

I have my last lots all ready to go for all you bargain basement yarn hunters out there. They all end Sunday at 9pm (est).

This week I have 8 yarn lots and 1 bag lot. (oops- edited- man you guys are fast- I now have 7 yarn lots). But before I get into that, I want to announce this week's giveaway. This week I have a huge (11 gallon) Hefty Bag filled with yarn. All the yarn is 100% Acrylic perfect for charity projects like Project Linus and Warm Up America Blankets, or Mother Bear toys, or Knits for Kids sweaters. If you would like a chance to win this bag, leave me a comment or send me an email about your favorite thing to knit or crochet for charity. Leave a comment by Sunday at 9pm (eastern standard time). I'll draw the winner at random from all the emails and comments.

Now on to the goodies:
Mystery Bags- This week I have 3 bags (oops, 2 bags) filled with random balls of yarn and one crochet book each. You know how much I love mystery mags, so this time I filled one with Simple Crochet and one with Afghans for all Seasons. Both bags come with enough yarn to make any project in the books.

Novelty Lots- Need a little bit of something to spice up your work? I have one lot of Ribbon yarn and one of Eyelash/ Fuzzy yarn that will sure do the trick. I love the ribbon yarn, I have made some fabulous scarves from it. The Eyelash/ Fuzzy yarn always is a hit with any project I make my nieces.

Homespun Yarn- Need some extra yarn to finish off that baby blanket you have been working on? Then check out my leftover homespun yarn. I think over the years I have made at least a dozen baby blankets from this lot.

Nylon Thread- Bummed that Coats discontinued the best colors in Nylon thread? Well don't be. I stocked up with colors before the big freeze. These guys have made wonderful dog leashes and purses for me, so I know they will for you too!

Embroidery Thread- Now here's a little surprise for you crafters out there. I have this huge (5lbs) lot of punch embroidery thread just waiting for the right owner. You knew I had a lot of interested, but bet you never knew I liked punch embroidery too. This lot will definitely have plenty of thread for many many of your future projects.

Quilted Yarn Bag- Last but not least is this Lime green Quilted yarn project bag. It works great for large projects, or an overnight bag. I just truly have too many bags in my closet. That's why when you buy it you get 2 more bags for free.

Hope you enjoy! Thank you guys so much for helping me clean out my craft room! Faye and I really really appreciate it. After these go, we both will be able to sit in the room at the same time.


Unknown said...


I would love to win the bag of yarn!!

I love crocheting prayer shawls, baby blankets, lapghans, hats, scarves and granny squares to give away to people in need... And I'm always in need of refilling my yarn stash to do these projects :)

Heather in Sweden

Unknown said...

Nylon thread for dog leashes? Do you have a pattern?

Robyn said...

Actually, yes I do.

Here's mine at CrochetMe: http://crochetme.com/patterns/fayettes-poop-purse-and-matching-leash

MrsFife said...

I wish I lived in the US so I could ask for the acrylic yarn...

Belated happy birthday!


Shelly said...

I am part of a group that stitches lapghans for our local nurshing home and prayer shawls for our church members in need of encouragement! I would love to win the bag of yarn to further our work!!

Crochet Friends of Stamford said...

Hi Robyn, I belong to Crochet Friends of Stamford and we crochet blankets, purses (which we fill with girlie goodies) and toys for Kids In Crisis. We would love extra yarn to fill our stash! Thanks for all the great info on your blog! Hope you had a great b'day!!

Unknown said...

I would love to win the bag of yarn for crocheting more project linus blankets! :)

Angela said...

Hmm. Favorite charity item to crochet? I guess it would be pet blankets. Next would be granny squares that I send to people putting together afghans (I also send money for joining yarn; sending the actual yarn ends up costing more than the postage!!!).

Still, I love pet blankets. I recently went to a friend's house and she had a little blanket laying on the couch. I asked her if she knitted it (I know, it was knit), and she said it was the blanket they received with their kitty when it was adopted. I love that people keep those around like little baby blankets for their fur-babies. :) I think it's a nice thing to give to animals at the shelter that are caged all day. Makes me wonder if most shelters give away the blankets with the pets that have been using them. Anyone know?

Wordy, wordy. I must be in a talkative mood today. And, of course, it goes without saying, that I'd love the yarn, too.

Unknown said...

I'm a librarian that teaches crochet at 2 public library stitching clubs. I tell the teens that I will teach them how to make a sweater (the simplest top-down raglan type) if they will donate it to charity. It is an exciting, but very easy and quick first project for kids, and we end up with lots of baby sweaters to donate. I also show them how the basic raglan can be adjusted to different stitch patterns and sizes. I would love to have the acrylic yarn for the library classes, since we don't have a budget for supplies.

Jenifer said...

I would love the bag of yarn. This fall, I am starting an after school program to teach kids to knit (and hopefully find someone to teach crochet). I am in need of any and all tools and yarn.