TNNA Recap

One Word...


Some Highlights:
Fashion Show- Calla Lily Cowl (cover of Mission Falls) walks the catwalk. Nearly die at how well it was received. Try to thank every friend that cheered for me!
Dinner with Marly- So much fun! Exactly what you think it would be like. With in 5 mins, you are best friends chatting away like you have know each other forever. She also brought me a gift. How sweet was that?

Beyond the Afghan Class- I was SO tired, but the students were awesome. I am just hoping I got one or two of my ideas across ok. No matter what, it was obvious Yarn Stores love crochet. So if yours doesn't move on, I just met 25 that do.

Stitch Cooperative- 9 friends who just happen to be indie designers- what couldn't be more fun? We were so well received we just beamed. We are finishing the website- then LYS will be able to sell our patterns anytime. So cool. More soon.

Interweave Party- Not only did everyone get to see a real sneak preview of the book, but they told me they liked it. Yes, I could have fainted again from my excitement! Best part- Sandi Wiseheart (yes, the guru of all things yarn! I know!!) loved the blue cover sweater so much she wore it on her segment of Knitting Daily TV. I'm still beaming! (I love you Sandi!)
Knit and Crochet Today Party- We didn't win the Emmy, but we sure were proud to be nominated. And we partied like we did win! Speaking of, I got to see previews of myself on the new format. Totally cool, then I made Brett pose with me with the DVD running of us on TV. I don't care how dorky that is either!

Potter Craft Party - Such a nice place! Got to cheer on Amy and her new book. Its so cute, you just fall in love with all of the projects.

Mission Falls New Yarn- Not only did they display the new book, and put Calla Lily in the fashion show- they displayed the new yarn. I got to brag on it and show it off to anyone who would listen. I just love the new DK merino- can't wait till you guys can see it too!
Soak's New Campaign: Soak Worthy- LOVE IT. Plus, they are teaming up with Lexie Barnes for a new product, that I adore. Stay tuned for details.
Sheep Shop New Yarn- I am going to be playing with Sheep One and Three for a new project, but while in their booth I was quizzing them on their new yarn, Sheepfeet. Their colorways are awesome!

Blue Sky Alpaca New Yarn- Skinny Cotton- amazing colors. I am in love with the salmon and kelly green. Can't wait to start swatching.

Lorna's Laces Folks- And I can't leave off with out saying Hi to Lorna's Laces crew. You guys totally make the weekend a blast!
So from the yarn picture, you can kind of see I have my work cut out for me for the next few months. CAN'T WAIT! (what an awesome birthday gift, right? (I turn 30 today!))


YarnThing said...

I had so much fun with you too! Seriously feel like you are a BFF :-)

I only wish I could have came home with that much yarn. Next time I am walking around with YOU ;-) Not to mention going to all the great parties with you too!

Loved Hanging out with you dear! Thank you for lending me your ear on Sunday :-)


jillian said...

Happy birthday to you Gemini sister!
Now I really have to learn to crochet :-)

Norah said...

Happy Birthday, Robyn!

Anonymous said...

Robyn, Sorry I was running around like a chicken Friday and Saturday and didn't catch up with you. Let's touch base soon about fall book launch.

Gina said...

Happy Birthday Robyn...welcome to a new decade in your life! You looks so happy in all your TNNA pics! Can't wait for the book!

Ginny said...

Happy Birthday Robyn! I'm so excited about your book. I think I read the sentence about Sandi wearing the blue cover sweater at least ten times. I can't wait to have my copy in my hands! Pretty awesome start to your thirties!

Jessica said...

I wanted to stop by and say it was very nice to meet you at TNNA (I was the person who recognized you from tv :) ). I am really looking forward to your book. The preview was just gorgeous and your new Mission Falls sweater is really stunning. Every time I walked by it at the show it really grabbed me.
Happy belated birthday too!