Straight from Today's Designers

I was lucky enough to be asked to contribute to this new and exciting venture with a few of my crochet friends. It's a book straight to you from us designers. No middlemen. We all work together and share in the joys of publishing a book. You'll see our patterns in each of our own unique style of writing. We all teamed up and pitched in one design. Then we paired up and edited each other's work. Those of us who are good with words, wrote the intro and press info. Those of us with a gift for editing, went through the patterns a second time looking for errors. The graphic artist in the group, laid out and make the book beautiful. The number lady, is taking care of the accounting. The web wizards are coordinating the website and Ravelry interfaces. So this book, is a true collaboration. And I am proud to be included in it.

Jot down SFTDonline.com, in the coming months you should see even more books from us.

Want to get the book now?

15$ (Pay Pal link) , PDF download only, brought to us by the nice people at Ravelry.

So what's in Crochet Belts From the Hip?

Well, there's 19 belts for every style you can image. Whether you are a flirty or sporty gal, there is something for you (which also makes this a great book for gifts too, now that I think about it!) There's a design from Amy ONeill Houck, Angela Best, Carrie Sullivan, Christy McMahon, Diane Moyer, Dora Ohrenstein, Doris Chan, Gwen Blakley Kinsler, Kim Guzman, Lisa Gentry, Margaret Hubert, Marty Miller, Mary Beth Temple, Mary Jane Hall, Noreen Crone-Findlay, Pam Gillette, Tammy Hildebrand, Vashti Braha, and Me.

So what's mine?

The Bubble Sash

It's a quick belt to add drama to any outfit. I actually styled it on three outfits for Susie Q and let my collaborators choose which one to put in the book. And it can totally double as a cool scarf, just which any merino wool yarn for the crochet thread. Ooh, or as a necklace, by switching the cable thread with a fine size 10 thread.

I just love it when you can get a ton of projects from just one design. It just makes me smile. (I'm off to find some size 10 thread and make me a necklace...)


Cara said...

How cool! Are you doing a traditional publishing model where you get a lot of books printed and then sell them, or are you using a print-on-demand service?

Robyn said...

Great question!

We are doing PDF downloads.

SAM said...

I love it! Is the book done by the CLF group on Ravelry? I missed the online tutorial thingy they did, so I couldn't participate. Maybe next time or another venue. To steal from your Chain Link presentation - I "want to be a part of the 'in' crowd." My designer juices are flowing and I'm actually doing the work part not just the fun!

Robyn said...

Hey Sheryl, Actually we are not with CLF. We are totally separate. Just another group teaming up to create a book.

Kiba said...

This is so exciting! I'll put it on my gift-to-self list for when I do something treatworthy.

Jennifer Cirka said...

What an AWESOME idea to get everyone together and make a book!! I can't wait to see more!

Silly said...

I learned to crochet by your diagrams. I was wondering the designs in this book had diagrams to follow (as well as written instructions)?

Robyn said...

My pattern has a diagram, and I think a few others do as well. But not all of the patterns do.