Three Guesses

Three Guesses on how
Beauty Products

Clean Clothes

Random Balls of Yarn

all could be related.....


Super Secret Revealed 1.0

All of those signs above point to only one outcome.....
I'm getting ready to tape new episodes of Knitting Daily TV and Knit and Crochet Today!

You knew it had to be something like that right? I'm not exactly the type to 1) own let alone use beauty products and 2) have that many clean clothes on hand. Because I am playing with 3) yarn, all day and night long, and never make time to beautify or clean. And yes, you could say I kind of lied to you when I said my spring would be peaceful. I didn't mean to. But you kind of forget how much goes into getting ready for taping (not that I have all that much experience- just my previous episodes on KCT).

So these past few weeks I have been much more focused on ME then I have ever done in the past. I decided I really didn't want to look all haggard and tired, so I thought some quick beauty products would do the trick. Whiten away some of my coffee smile, and smooth away some of my "stress blemishes" (b/c honestly an almost 30 yr old can't call them acne that's for teenagers). And when all else fails on the beauty front, I would dazzle you with sparkly jewelry and bright colored clothes. Actually, finding clothes is really interesting, like a scavenger hunt. Here's the game: find clothes that 1) fit and flatter, 2) are not white, black, or red (they don't show well on camera), 3) that do not have any little pattern (no dots or tiny checks - they wig on camera too), and 4) are elbow or long sleeved (evidently cap sleeves make you look wider). It actually makes shopping more fun thinking about how to piece these all together. I am going with the layering look, so lots of cardigans and camis and tees. That was one reason I was dying to get my cardi finished this weekend, it fits in really well with my TV wardrobe.

Then after the ME focus, I shifted to the PROJECT focus. And that's what I'm obsessed with right now. I am crocheting away step-outs to use on the show. If you haven't seen a craft show, think of a cooking show. You want to show off the ingredients (the yarn, notions, hooks), how to chop them up (or how to start the project), tips on boiling/baking (or the harder steps in the project), and the Voila moment (the completed piece). So for every project, I have about a half a dozen step-outs that can range from just a chain to half the size of the project. Its fun to do them too, especially since we have been watching John Adams on HBO (boy that's well done) and I just crochet right along while watching.

After this comes the TRAVEL focus, which I have already started to shift that way. I will be driving up to Cleveland on Sunday to tape Knitting Daily TV. Then flying to Allentown for Passover next Friday. And finally flying from there to Detroit to tape KCT. So I started putting books on CD on hold at the Library (aren't libraries great! I think in my second life I'd like to be a librarian), mapping out the yarn stores, planning dates with friends, and finding huge suitcases for all my stuff I'm packing.

Needless to say, I am SO excited! It was amazing to be asked to be on Knitting Daily TV and asked back to KCT. I can not wait to see friends and crochet on TV, how cool is that! But it probably means I might be out of touch the next two weeks. I am hoping to blog as much as possible, but I might be slow in emailing back. There is one other secret that I have to hold back on related to all of this, but I will hopefully be allowed to spill the beans soon.

Till then, wish me clean skin, a bright smile, and crocheting speed!


Jessica said...

Stress blemishes...love it!! Much better than acne for a 26 yo too. By the way, I was looking at the flickr pics you have on the right...did you design that posh purse? I made that awhile back before I got into following designers and it's one of my favorites! I made it in a dusty pink with longer thin brown strap handles. Good luck with your filming...I hope my local PBS stations starts showing it soon.

Brett Bara said...

woo hoo, congrats! can't wait to see your fabulous demos!

Gina said...

What great news!!!

YarnThing said...

You go and have a great time you crochet rock star! I wish I could go and just hang out with you and kim or you and Drew at KCT.

Have fun, take lots of pictures! (I sound like a mom...I said the same thing to Kim this morning)


Mary Sarah said...

Fantastic! Congratulations and I can't wait to see the shows! You'll do great!

Robyn said...


I am really really looking forward to it. Its like summer camp. You get to hang out and do crafts for a day. What's not to love?

And, yes, Jessica. That posh purse is mine. It's from Crochet Today. I'd love to see your version, sounds cute!

Cara said...

And there I was thinking it was all stuff that was in your luggage when the airline lost it! *chuckle*
How exciting! Break a leg!