Sneak Preview Weekly

Sneak Preview Weekly

Issue #10: Knitting Daily TV

I just pulled back into town after my whirl wind drive up and back to Cleveland.

Everyone was just so nice and wonderful, I can not say enough. Kim and I got to be the guinea pigs and go first at taping. Waking me up early is never easy, and I was a bit out of it. Let's just say don't tell me, "do not look over here", b/c I will 100% of the time look where you don't want me to. My brain just isn't wired correctly in the mornings sometimes. But after a bunch of re-takes, I finally got it not to look at the camera directly. Other then my sleepy brain, everything went wonderfully. Kim was a great host, prompting me along at all the right times to hush up and move on (I tend to be EXTREMELY long winded- I blame my parents.) The studios were very nice. The green room was actually green, which just tickled me. The makeup artist was shocked that Kim and I both have green eyes. She said she so rarely gets green eyes and she got two in a row today. What can I say? We're special all right! I have a couple of shots from the day on flickr, as does Kim. (Hers are great, I'd check them out first) Sorry for the short post, I am just so zonked, hopefully the pictures will explain it all. It was really a special day, and I am going to celebrate with a nap!


Mary Sarah said...

The pictures are great! I can't wait to see the show! Congratulations!!!

Kimberly said...


you look adorable in the pictures! I can't wait to see the show!