Calling all Designers

Two new Craft-zines have popped up recently and are looking for designers.

CHIQ - is a new crochet fashion forward zine.
KNOTIONS - is a new knitting zine.

Both are in the start-up phase, and you can find all the info on their website on how to submit. The compensation is not a lot, but I look at it as great advertising that you will be paid for instead of paying someone else. Since I got my start designing on crochetme, I have a tender place in my heart for online magazines. They are a great way to get your name out there to the public and publishers alike.

On the designer behind the scenes front, there have been some great interviews with some of Interweave's designers. I just read a great one on Kate Gilbert, the designer of the sunrise circle jacket. Interweave has a list on Knitting Daily of the other interviews. I'm off to go read them all!


CHIQ Magazine said...

Robyn, we are a big fan of yours here at CHIQ Magazine. It was a 100% honor that you took the time to plug us. THANK YOU.

Robyn said...

Thank you! I hope your new magazine turns out great!