Sneak Preview Weekly

Sneak Preview Weekly

Issue #9: Summer Top

This week with spring in the air, and the stress of taxes* all around us. I wanted to show you a tiny look at a project that will hit when the heat is turned up and hopefully some of us will be relaxing on a beach somewhere on our tax refund.

Its a light striped shirt, which has quite the back story. I am going to save that for the time being b/c it is really cute. Instead, let you in on its traveling path to completion. It started as a little idea 2 months ago, I watched and sketched for it right away, and then put it down for about a month. (In design world, that's a year and crazy). So with a week left, on my deadline I knew I had to bang out this top and quick. I literally wrote the pattern in between sewing on all the buttons and do-dads on the booklet projects and fall knitting mag projects, in between editing all said patterns and getting them out the door to the tech editors, and of course packing for our crazy vacation. By the day we were to leave for the airport, I had the pattern 90% written, and the back (and half the front) crocheted and blocked. This I had managed from crocheting almost all night every night for a week, with 4 hours or so of sleep. I had crocheted in line at the grocery store, while driving really anywhere (even to the grocery store which is 6 mins away), while waiting for water to boil, really whenever I had a second. So before it even came to Arizona, it had clocked a number of miles. Then of course, I crocheted all 3 days while we were there. In the plane, in the car, almost while righting the horse. In the end, I had finished seaming it with literally 15 mins of sunlight left the day before I was to ship it out. Good news for me! I was able to test it out on my best friend, Crystal, who is one of the only people I know who can fit into the model sizes. It was so great to have a real life mannequin. And get to photograph it on a real person was awesome. So now my goal is to one, make them move next door to me so I can test drive all my stuff on her, or two, push to get the teleporter to work in real life and not just Star Trek.
Speaking of taxes.... I bet you have wondered where I have been this month. There was not a whole lot of posting going on that's for sure. Well, goodness taxes are a pain in the butt. Actually they are not that bad. It was more of a task of organizing my bills and receipts. Since I was so crazy to do two book projects this year, the house was SUPER disorganized. It took us a while to dig through all the muck. We are now well on are way to being back on our normal crazy but slightly less disorganized track. Now, I'm just dreaming of all the yarn I can buy with our refund. Good luck to those of you still working on them! (I still have to do our City taxes and then have a little party until next year.)


Mary Sarah said...

Great new sneak peak! Can't wait to see this one too!!! Taxes ... ugh! That's all I have to say about that! hehehe

Crystal said...

hey! i don't model for free ya know! ok...well maybe for YOU... :)

Robyn said...

Hee hee, Crystal. You know you love me too much to deny me anything!