Saying goodbye

Saying Good-bye is always sad.

This weekend my really good friend, Lisa, decided it was time to close up shop on Nice Knits. I was really sad to see it go. See Lisa, is one of those friends that completely amaze you all the time. She is filled with fantastic ideas and creative juices. She is always encouraging her friends to join her on some new adventure or path.

Nice Knits was no exception. It was a place that had everything you could imagine for knitting and crocheting for charity. She had lists of groups you could join, lists of supplies you could send groups, links galore, and some patterns that we wrote and the proceeds went to our favorite charities. It was awesome! Granted with all that awesomeness it took quite a bit to keep up. And for Lisa, it was time to move on to her next amazing adventure. Which I am sure is going to be incredible, they always are.

I just want to thank her for all her amazing work the last few years on it. It completely inspired me on how we all can make a difference in the world if we want to, and that small steps really can be huge impacts. If you are looking for my crochet patterns (ravelry link) that were listed there, they are for the time being going into retirement. I plan to uncover them, dust them off, and re- release them in another form in the future. They all could use some new editing, new diagrams, and new photography. When I do re-release them, I will let you know, it is likely to be a few monthes.

But for now, I want to give my absolute best to Lisa and say "bye" to NiceKnits!

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