Mission Revealed

Super Secret 3.0 Revealed*

Bmp Bmm Bmmda...... The secret yarn company that I have been working with on my booklet with is Mission Falls! Did anyone guess them while I was showing off my Booklet Progress?

In case you are just joining us in my crazy booklet adventure, Mission Falls Goes Crochet is a crochet booklet with 12 designs. There are 6 women's garments, 2 baby garments, 1 man's garment, 2 accessories, and 1 baby toy. You can see 4 of the projects on the cover; the granny square cowl, the cropped sweater in the top corner, the baby sweater on the adorable little boy, and the truck that he is sitting on. You can't ask for a better model when your model goes and plays with your toy. Of all the pictures in the booklet, his is my definite favorite sitting on the truck. I can totally see my nieces and nephews doing the same thing.

Mission Falls yarn comes in the same aran weight whether its the superwash wool or the cotton. In my opinion, the color range is one of my favorite parts of working with their yarn. You will have to go check out there website to see what I mean. Since it's an aran weight, you know the projects will be relatively quick since you will be using hook sizes H to K mostly. Also, they make great buttons. I tried to use as many buttons as I could on the garments, because they have such a nice range.

Mission Falls Goes Crochet will be on display at many of the national conventions this summer and fall. If you are a yarn store owner, you will be able to see the collections at NENA and TNNA. If you are a crocheter, you will be able to check them all out at Stitches. Coming this August, you will be able to get your copy at your local yarn store and see more of the projects on Mission Falls website. Check out Mission Falls for a yarn store in your area. If you don't see your favorite listed, don't be shy just ask your LYS if they can get you a copy. (You never know until you ask, right? And I am a firm believer in asking, since fiber people are some of the nicest people and I have been to the big shows. Some times it is so hard to process all the new stuff out there when you are at the show since it's so huge, and I know I'd love a gentle reminder on some of the new stuff. )

*How totally cool is it that I had 3 super big news to share all with in a span of a week! I am also so proud of myself for not spilling the beans earlier. I have been so tempted, but I waited until I really could show off all my super duper news. I think with this all my super secrets are now revealed. Back to the usual fun of cooking up magazine designs and percolating on what my next big super secret project might be.


Brett Bara said...

Congrats! I can't wait to see all the patterns in the booklet, I know they will be just as fabulous as everything else you design!

Robyn said...


Thank you, Brett!

Megan said...

Yay! "I" made cover! :P

You're not coming to Portland for the fall Knit & Crochet show by any chance, are you?

naomi said...

I love, love, love the cowl ! Now I have to get this book too !

Congrats to you on your much deserved sucess.

Brianna said...

congratulations, robyn! they look gorgeous per usual.

Mary Sarah said...

Congratulations! How exciting!!! Can't wait to get my hands on this!

Cara said...

Congratulations! Your booklet looks awesome! And you're not kidding about the colors in that yarn--wow!

AndreaLea said...

Yea!! I'm so excited to get a copy of this booklet. Guess I'll have to pester my LYS about it until August. :)