Backstage Pass Part 2

Things I've learned with my limited time in the spotlight on Knit and Crochet Today:

1. People aren't always as tall as they seem. I spent my entire performance standing on a box. Which actually wasn't that bad, because I could were flats all the time. Poor Brett wore 3" wedge sandals so she could be walking around and still be tall. Not that was got to walk around too much. Our microphones were tied to cords that pretty much tethered us to our spots.

2. You can be a total bum and still look great. Under all my tops or dresses, I was wearing my baggiest comfiest jeans and shoes. Maggie and Brett were not bums, they always looked put together. But I liked to crack up at how odd each of my outfits looked like off air, and how normal they looked on air.

3. Makeup takes a while. We got to the studio around 8:30am every morning and it took 2 hours to do all 3 of our makeup. That to me is forever. But it also was relaxing to get a total makeover every morning, and not ever have to worry about looking pretty b/c you have a stylist to help you.

4. Learning other people's patterns make you look smart. We would start taping at 10:30am each morning and go till 6:30pm every night. In that time, we would do 4-5 episodes. Once you subtract lunch, wardrobe changes, make-up touch-ups, and bathroom breaks. We had about 45 mins to digest and memorize all these new patterns. I found it totally exhilarating to figure out a new pattern and pick out the 3 or so really cool things about it. Then memorize those, and spit them back out on camera. Then do it all over again. It was like cramming for a test. I think I got at least a B.

5. Getting your picture taken is a lot harder then talking on camera. At our last lunch break, we had a professional photographer come in and take portraits of all of us. Boy, standing still and smiling big is hard. On camera, I can be myself slouch and all. In modeling, not so much.

6. Creating a show is just like weaving a blanket. Watching the director seamlessly direct 4 cameras at once was incredible. He was listening to us talk and watch his monitors for each angle he wanted to show. And just like a conductor, flow between them all with grace and speed.

7. Steamers are miracle workers. I am in love. Every morning we would have out outfits for the day steamed and ready for us. It took like 30 minutes to do all our clothes. It takes me so much longer to iron. By the end, I was in control of the steamer and steaming all the step-outs and anything I could get my hands on.

8. Having a smart and fun host makes your life so easy. Brett was fantastic. We must have told her 100 times, but I will say it again. She was fantastic. She was a great listener and could jump in and pick up on anything that I fumbled or repeat things that I butchered. She just makes you look smart.

9. Hanging out with your idol for a week is the best vacation ever. I had so much fun sharing tips and tricks with Candi all weekend long. We spent a number of late nights crocheting step outs and talking about our favorite yarns and whatnot.

10. TV and Fiber people are the nicest people in the world. Maggie and I had such a blast. We were like Batman and Robin. Sidekicks and buddies all the way. Whenever one of us would get nervous, the other one was there with a joke. Same goes for the crew. Since they spend the day staring at you, they really made me feel as comfortable as possible being in front of them and I really appreciate that.
Now that I am back at home and back to work, I really miss my gal pals we just had so much fun. Granted I am bone tired, but it was so incredible living the life of an actor for a week. You can see all my pictures at on my flickr set.


Unknown said...

Awesome for you! Thanks for sharing your experience! I'm glad that this experience is going to you, because you deserve the attention and I can see that you are enjoying it! I can't wait to see the re-vamped show with you and Brett! I'm sure that you did way better than a "B". Congratulations!

Tracie said...

How fun!

Brett Bara said...

You were a total A ++ crochet champ!! I had a great time working with you and am still amazed at your genius abilities!

Robyn said...

Thank you guys!

Ellen you make me blush!

I loved being an expert for a week. I have to put that on my cards, ROBYN, THE CROCHET EXPERT. I love it!

NannDee said...

I am sorry I missed the show. It sounds like you had a blast..btw..You are a Crochet Expert...your book coming out solidifies that fact.