Catching Up

Or should I say Cleaning Up?

Meet our new Maid, too bad he doesn't do windows. Faye has had battles with each and every other cleaning machine that we have tried to use. In my opinion its a combination of our carpet that acts like Velcro to her hair and her absolute hatred of any vacuum machine (I think they could tell). Our last straw, after many many straws, was our fifth vacuum dying to their inability to keep up with Faye, right before the family was coming for Easter. We have been saving our pennies and decided enough was enough it was time to get professional help. Round One? Definitely goes to the machine.

Speaking of pennies, we also have been saving up for our new family member. Meet Gino. He's all new and shiny. Our family rule, since we both can't have the car of our dreams, is to work till one of us can. Well the last couple of years it was my turn with my little Beetle, and now Mark gets his turn at the wheel. Its always fun to play with new toys, especially when those toys can take you out to dinner too.

There has been a nice little break in the action around here at CBF. I have been able to catch up on the much needed taxes/ bill organization, plus I have gotten to swatch for some new proposals. I can admit I was pooped after all the work for the book, booklet, and misc magazines that the last two weeks were my re-charge. And my batteries were a bit dead, so to speak. Whenever this happens, I move. Whether its writers block, creative block, or a design block; I have never been successful to drudge through it. I have to break away and find other things to re-charge myself. So that could be a walk (which gets infinitely more fun once spring finally comes- still waiting here in Cincy), do another craft (I have been knitting baby socks for the millions of babies my friends* and family are all having this spring), or go to fun places (we just saw Bruce - I don't know what it is about concerts but my brain can totally relax and I get all these creative juices once it does.). So after my break-away routine, I am back in fighting action. I have a couple of new designs cookin that I can't wait to show you all soon!
But more on that later, I'm heading back to test our maid on the stairs.

*I have to give a little shout out to my super friend, Tiff, who just delivered her first baby this past weekend! And what a baby at that- almost 11pounds, I know I am impressed!

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