Days Like This...

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This happens to me about once a month or so. I'm doing nothing special and all of a sudden I get hit with an idea for a project so hard, it literally shuts me down. It’s all I can think of. It’s all that I want to do.

Like yesterday, we got a nice little snow storm and I was looking outside thinking how pretty snow is, and then whamo- an idea strikes. Unfortunately, I have no time to do anything with the idea. All I could do is sketch my idea quickly on a post-it note at work. It’s killing me. I have been obsessing on it for a day now, and have figured out everything from stitch to yarn I want to use. But I have no time.

Why? Well, this week I am finishing all the projects for the booklet and need to focus every ounce of strength on that. Not some new project that is like a carrot dangling in front of my nose. All I am hoping for now is the power to redirect my energy to finishing the booklet, so that in a few weeks I can get back to by great new idea.

Wish me luck!

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leslieanne said...

Gosh, very pretty so far. Can't wait to see what happens. Or maybe you frogged it?