Have you been watching?

Did you know that Crochet Today has video podcasts?


Ever curious how Brett and Sara come up with the concepts for each magazine issue?

Ever wondered what goes on at a photo shoot?

Looking for some tips on crocheting cables?

Then you have to stroll over to Crochet Today Podcasts! You are going to love it all the great information they have waiting for you.


Unknown said...

Yes! I saw the last time I was on the website they had the podcasts, I'm just waiting till I actually have time to watch one =)

YarnThing said...

HI, I watched an older episode of Crochet Today today and THERE YOU WERE!!! I was so happy that I told my daughter "look, there is Robyn! She is MOMMIES Friend!"

Then, she got just as excited as I was :-) Aren't kids Great?


Robyn said...

That's so fun! Kids are great.