Booklet Progress: Project 9 Pattern Completed

I am definitely not keeping the blog up-to-date on the the new booklet progress, as I would like to. I am finished writing all but 2 patterns, and all the projects are started and in some form of completion which is so exciting. There is nothing better than having a dining room table covered in hand crocheted sweaters and accessories. Anyway, next up in my bag of tricks is this swingy coat.

Project 9: Car Coat

Pattern Complete, Sample in progress

1. Why did you choose this project for your booklet?
This is my fall project. Besides choosing projects for specific types of people, I am also picking projects on seasons. And since Fall is my absolute favorite (who doesn't like that first crisp wind after a long summer with all the amazing colors in the trees?), I wanted a show stopper. Ok maybe this isn't a show stopper, but it definitely would be the first project in the booklet that I would make for me and probably wear the entire season.

2. What was your inspiration for this project?

I obviously was sucked in by all the amazing coats from the Fall collections this year. You literally couldn't turn a page (whether that page was from Interweave Knits, Vogue Knitting, or Marie Claire) and not stumble upon a dozen gorgeous designs. Plus, I love sweater coats. I practically live in them at the office. It’s just something about surrounding yourself in all that handmade softness, that really calms all my senses.

3. What drew you to this crochet stitch/square?
I purposely wanted a classic stitch pattern. What is more classic then double crochet shells? (Ok the granny square is- but shells are a really close second). I knew I wanted a large coat, but I really didn't want to sweat while wearing it. A lacy pattern is perfect for this. It will be a nice balance of a pattern and warmth. The edging is a different story. Here I was going for a muted variegation pattern. I didn't want the edging to be lines and lines of stripes, but instead something that from a far would blend in soft shades of red.

4. Did any of the project change while you were writing?
Oh yes, something always changes. The main change was in the construction. I literally must have sketched this in four different sleeve patterns. I had drop, box, raglan, and finally tapped myself on the head and went with kimono. I want the pattern to be interesting, but not super advanced. And all the other sleeves were getting too complex. So I stepped back, took a breath, and say why not. This coat is going to be one huge panel, that you fold over seam the underarm and side, then add the edging. Increasing and decreasing are kept in check, and it will be super swingy.

5. What is your goal with this project?
My goal is for a car coat with lots of energy. Something that is going to move with you. The colors I think will be a lovely shade on anyone this season, whether you are out for a walk or picking pumpkins.

Stay tuned to see the sneak peek to see how the project came out.

* If you have been wondering where I have been hiding this week, I am under the covers. I got my book back from the editors, and I am going through the patterns with a fine tooth comb. I am obsessed with getting my thoughts across as a sane person, but with how nutty I am I think I must sound crazy. Wish me luck. I'm sure I'll have to blog more on it later for therapy.


Unknown said...

I really love the design for your car coat! You're booklet is going to be absolutley fabulous! I'm waiting anxiously for your book...all of the little snap shots you've posted have made my mouth water!
Happy Crocheting!
Chelsea from Crochet Me

Emily Jane said...

How lovely! I'm looking forward to this booklet so much - the sneak peeks of projects have me itching to make them!