Colorful Sneak Peek

colorful sneak peak
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While finish writing and editing, I am easily distracted by the cuteness of all the projects in the book. Especially these bracelets. I basically have been wearing one each time I set down to work. They are like my thinking caps - or I guess more appropriately- my imagination wrist guards. See I conjured the idea from a bracelet I saw in one of my fashion magazines, but I knew I could never afford. But with some crochet thread and my trustee hook, I came up with this simple flowery pattern. Nothing fancy but super cute which suits me very well.

Book is moving along nicely. With any luck I should be shipping some of the babies off to the publishers tomorrow. That way I can feel a sense of accomplishment while I buckle down and work out the kinks in the last few projects. T-minus 8 days till projects need to be at Fedex.


Courtney said...

I want one, or two, or six, or ten. You're going to make me learn to crochet aren't you?

Robyn said...

that's my plan.