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While I have been writing feverishly to finish up my book, I have been enjoying some great books lately that I wanted to share with you.

Everday Crochet By Doris Chan

Who doesn't love Doris's work? Doris and I share the love of lacy complex stitch patterns. And all of her designs have some fun twist in them. But not only is she a great designer, but she is a fantastic person. And to me, the best part of all of her books is the intro. I love getting to glimpse into her life and what inspires her and drives her. Its so cool.

This book is a technique book. YAY! I can't tell you how many more techinque books we crocheters need. In this book she explains the ease of Top Down crochet. Top down crochet is awesome! And so much fun, because you start at the neck and crochet your way down to the hip. Which means you can try on your sweater as you are making it! And if there is something fitting weird- its so easy to see and fix right away. In the book, she breaks the chapters into cardigans, U neck sweaters, etc. The cool thing is she uses the same stitch pattern for ea garment in the chapter, so you can easily see the changes in the projects by switching yarns or extending the length (like to make a dress) and such.

Here are my favorites from the book:
Cardigan- I adore the simple closure. And she even explains how to make them in the back!

Cowl neck Tunic- I am loving the big neck and short sleeves!

Teva has done it again. Her book is gorgeous. Really. The photography just is amazing. Plus, I love reading her adventure through crochet that was inspired by one piece her grandmother did years and years ago. You can easily tell that Teva has a strong artistic flair, her designs are so unique and fun.
Here are some of my favorites:

Girls Bolero- I love the simple color changes mixed with the adorable circular fronts.

Long Jacket- This one is just a show stopper.

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Tyler Street said...

I am already a big fan of Doris Chan's book and I've only had it for a week! Great to see your review and I completely agree about the need for crochet technique books and how well this one fills the bill!

I am working on "Jewel" from the 2d chapter and have only a few rows to go until I can join up the "corners" to make the armholes and body. I've started a crochet-along for this book on www.crochetme.com -- would love some company over there!