Vogue on the Go: Crocheted Shawls- Sneak Peak

Over the weekend I received my contributor's copy of

It was such a nice surprise to home to after a lovely weekend.

Paging thru I noticed a lot of designers names that I really love, which made me quite tickled to be in their company.
Marty Miller who designed a beautiful shawl that radiates from a 4 pointed star.
Kristin Omdahl who designed a wonderful circular shawl that you just want to curl up with.
Doris Chan who designed yet again another stunning doily inspired masterpiece.
Annette Petavy who designed a fun shawl made of lovely motifs.
Sara Graham who designed a geometric shawl that could be artwork on its own.
Brett Bara who designed a chunky cabled cape that you could easily wear everyday in the Fall.
Vogue has a preview on their site of a few of these shawls. I think you will agree that it really has a shawl for everyone inside its covers. I believe it goes on sale Oct 1. But you know me, I just can't wait to gush...
I thought you would like to see the front and back of my shawl. The motifs are spiral flowers, you'll notice I have the swatch as my little picture here on the blog. I really love these spirals. This shawl can be crocheted as you go, connecting all the motifs at the corners. Or whip stitched together after you crochet all the motifs. The spirals are fun to do in any yarn. We used cotton for the shawl in the book, but I think it would be equally as pretty in a nice superwash wool.

Back View:Shawl Back

Front View:Shawl Front


Unknown said...

Wow Robyn, That's awesome! A very innovative shaped motif! I don't have any shawls, and there is always at least one event in the winter when I could use one! I'm sure the other designers you mentioned are just as happy to be in Your company!

Qiana said...

Hey Robyn! I think that is the coolest shawl I have ever seen!!!
Love it!