Knit Knit- A must have

Waiting on my porch this week was a little very welcome surprise.

It was the new book, Knit Knit. I was so excited I dived right into the covers. If you are familiar with her magazine, then you can skip the rest and just go out and pick yourself up a copy of the book. If not read on, and then go pick yourself up a copy.

Knit Knit is exactly my kinda of book. See, I am a huge nosy nelly. I adore biographies, behind-the-scenes, and step-into-my world kind of articles and shows. And Knit Knit is stuffed full of them.

It is made up of essays on all sorts of interesting designers, artists, yarn store owners, spinners, and such in the Knitting world. Each person has a picture of them in their favorite place to work (which is really cool to look at where the magic happens), lots of pictures of their work (which some I know you have never seen), and one of their favorite patterns (this is so cool, b/c they give a little background to the pattern too.)

Some of my favorites so far (b/c I am enjoying reading this slowly) have been the articles on:

Norah Gaughan- I think she is so neat. Her ability to blend biology and knitting together is so inspiring. Plus, she has no guilt in choosing her knitting career over her biology career. She sees all her schooling as research in inspiration. Awesome (I see so much of myself in her, it just so inspiring to me) Her pattern is this adorable purse.

Erika Knight- She has this classic yet contemporary style that I have always admired. My favorite part was looking at her sketches for Glamour Knits. I love seeing the sketch to the finished product.

Dave Cole- He is a really creative artist. I mean knitting with electrical cord, porcelain, and money kind of creative. His pattern is for his huge teddy bear.

Plus their are so many more that I haven't even gotten to read yet, like Annie Modesitt, Teva Durham, Debbie New, and more. So if you are at all like me and love reading about where people get their inspiration from, then Knit Knit is for you.

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