Knit and Crochet Today Update

I have a small update for you all interested in the new PBS Show Knit and Crochet Today.

Detroit PBS released the episode guide for the shows. You can see the episodes here. Looks like I'm on:
#106 Toys/ Vest- I'll be talking about the Mens Vest from Crochet Today
#108 Granny Squares- I'll be talking about the Crystal Lace Bolero from CrochetMe.
#111 Purses- I'll be talking about the Posh Purse from Crochet Today.

As you know, you will have to check your local PBS station to see if they carry it.
I have found that my PBS doesn't release new programs until 2 weeks before they air. I found that some stations are going to start airing them early in September and some are starting late in September. So try not to get frustrated and keep checking. Or at least that's what I'm doing.

Here is the ones I know when they will air. I'll try to update them as I can. (feel free to send me a note if you know when it will air in your town.)

WPTO (Dayton, OH)- Fridays at 2pm Starts Sept 7th. (TiVo Set!)
KET (Kentucky)- Tuesdays at 11:30am Starts Sept 4th.
OPB (Oregon)- Saturdays at 12:30PM Starts Sept 22nd
RMPBS (Rocky Mountain)- Saturdays at 8am Starts Sept 22nd
MPTV (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)- Saturdays at 12:30pm Starting Sept 8th.
WEIU (Charleston, IL) - Saturdays at 10am Starting Sept 8th.
WSRE (Pensacola, FL)- Tuesdays at 1:30pm, Starting Sept 11th
WBCC (Cocao, FL)- Fridays at 1pm, Starting Sept 7th
PBS 45/49 (Kent, OH)- Saturdays at 7am, Starting Sept 8th
MPT (Maryland)- Saturdays at 8am, Starting Oct 6th
KWBU (Waco, TX)- Sundays at 5pm, Starting Sept 2nd
WTVS (Detroit, MI)- Saturdays at 6:30am, Starting Sept 8th
KAWE (Lakeland, MN) - Sundays at 12:30pm, Starting Sept 9th

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