Joy in the process

Red Rectangle
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I am secreting really happy for my minor brain melt this weekend, and my decision to crochet this jacket instead of the sweater. As in, I'm so happy I grin like a fool thinking about when I get to crochet again on this jacket.

It may sound strange, but I just forget how much I enjoy crocheting and the process of watching a garment come from a bunch of yarn. So each time I pick it up, it’s like I found a new hobby all over again.

Silly I know, since I do crochet nearly 6 hours every day. It just makes me chuckle that I can still be so amused by this simple hobby and how lucky I am that it turned into a job.

That gives me a huge smile.

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Deneen said...

The fact that you are enjoying the design process as well as the actual work involved makes it something that should put a huge smile on your face-how many people do you know who would love to incorporate their hobby into an actual job?-I'm guessing most who have a hobby.

Keep smiling, keep crocheting-count your blessings-