Best Week Ever

This morning I'm moving in super SLOW-MODE. I am so exhausted it hurts my brain to blink, I did manage to pack a lunch today- but I then forgot it at home, and I have more blisters on my feet then I care to really share with you lovely people. BUT... I had the best week ever! (ok- so you may hear that a lot this month) - but really- I had such a blast at TNNA- I have to share with you the highlights.

1. I saw myself on TV. Candi (you know, my crochet idol) had a preview tape of the PBS show. And I was on it. It was so cool. I really really think you guys are going to like this show. There's a bit of fun for everyone. And I didn't gag at the sight of nervous self on the tube.

2. I saw the preview copy of the new Crochet Today issue. Then when I got home, I saw that I had my very own copy waiting for me. Ok, so this issue is so great- its going to get its own post. More soon.

3. I met the incredible ladies behind SOAK (as you expect- they are really nice and so smart). They have a new scent inspired and co-created with Amy Butler. (Who I also met at the show- holy cow- she is so talented). SOAK also has new tags you can add to your crocheted garments to tell your recipients how to care for your hard work. I really could go on and on about SOAK- but you all already now how I feel.

4. I got to take a class from Annie. If she ever comes within driving distance from you, don't stop but run to the class. She is by far the best teacher I have ever taken I class from. I can get bored easily, but her 3-hour class went by so fast- all I wanted was more.

5. I got to see the Galley copy of CrochetMe: designs to fuel the crochet revolution. OH MY! You guys are going to flip. It has the best photography I have seen for a crochet book. It has designer bios, tips after every pattern, fun essays, and, of course, UNBELIEVABLE PATTERNS! Ok, so I know I'm biased- since I did get the cover. But honestly, I feel so honored to be in this book. My fellow designers, Cecily, Amy, Kristin, Chloe, Megan, (and others that I am too dense to remember this morning); have the cutest clothes- that honestly- blew my mind. (oh, and I'll let you in on a secret- you may see an excerpt from the book in a rockin mag pretty soon- maybe- and you didn't hear it from me- it was a birdie who told you)

6. We freaked out the muggles. Amy, Kim, and I were planning on a "quiet" dinner, and we ended up crackin ourselves and the server up. See Amy's pics here and here.

7. Columbus has the best market downtown. It had such great food, I'd go back just to eat there. Shannon has some great photos of our lunch there. Like the produce, the funny old scale, and us hanging out.

8. Lexie gave me the best swag of the show. Cupcakes and a purse. What girl can say no to sweets and accessories? Her bags are the best. Plus, she just rocks, that's all I can say.

9. Fiber people are the nicest people in the world. Every designer or editor or yarn manufacturer I bumped into, commented on how much they liked my new haircut and glasses. Nothing to make me feel cuter, then to have 20 people in a row tell you they like you. Plus, they are huggers. I'm not a usual hugger. Obviously, the guys on the job sites would look at me weird if I hugged them. But its something in the air at TNNA, that I just have to hug everyone. Poor, Drew, must think I have a problem. But I just had to hug him, and Vashti, and Doris, and Gwen, and Amy, and Amy, and Kim, and Kristi, and Annie, and Stefanie, and Shannon, and Brett, and Candi, and Marty, and Mary Jane, and Mary Beth, and Dora, and Kristeen, and Jennifer, and oh my gosh did I really hug all these fabulous people over and over again? I did. Something has to be in the air there.

10. Right before I was to leave, I bumped into Caryn, an awesome crochet teacher from Georgia. She and I had lunch last year at CGOA, and she was sweet enough to come up to me and tell me that her shop, The Whole Nine Yards, has been working on the Posh purse. Well, that was the single best thing of the whole show, and I told her so. So now we all have to convince her to send us pictures of them making the purses. I am so delighted I could live on this bliss for a long time.


SAM said...

I'm so glad to be the first to comment on your post! I had to get to the shop first thing this morning so I haven't posted yet - but yours made me feel like I was still at TNNA. The absolute best part of the show was meeting everyone Saturday night and the sit in Sunday. I was just soaking up the atmosphere and so amazed to be a part of it. You are a doll and I loved meeting you.
All The Best, Sheryl from Yarntopia

Robyn said...

THANK YOU, Sheryl! It was so great meeting you guys too! Thank you for coming and hanging out with us! Keep up the awesome crochet work- I can't wait to see what you create next!

Megan said...

jOh, you lucky duck!! I am so excited to see the book I can hardly stand it!

Robyn said...

Megan your top is so cute in the book. They layered it over a sweet jumper- its like a catalog for Anthropologie.

MBT said...

I am just coming out of my TNNA induced coma and you have multiple blog posts? I am green with envy :-)

So nice to see you in real life - it doesn't happen often enough.


~drew emborsky~ said...

You're a good hugger.