SOAK, My Hero

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Here at Crochet By Faye we took our 3-day weekend and turned it into experiment time. Our current project is a fun sweater made from Mohair and Linen. Its going to be a great fall/ winter sweater, but we really wanted to add some extra loveliness to it. So when a sample packet of SOAK, fell from the office shelf, it was fate.

The experiment:
2 crochet swatches about 4"x4" made of Linked Double Crochets
1 tiny sample packet of SOAK
1 gal cold water

We decided to crochet our samples in the most tight crochet stitch, the linked stitch. (we really wanted to put the rinse to the test) The swatches were lovely, pretty lines on the fabric with the crazy halo of mohair. We dunked one swatch into a bath of SOAK and water. We violently scrubbed (b/c come on we have to try it all right?). Let them sit for 10 minutes or so. Rinsed them with cold water. Rolled in towel to squeeze out water. Then let dry.

Soft fabric with the same nice halo of mohair. The lines of stitches were defined the same. The best is the drape. The first cup has the SOAK swatch hanging so nicely. The second cup has the original swatch, and its literally floating on the rim. SUCCESS!

This sweater not only will have a cute shaping, clean stitch lines, fuzzy mohair; but it will be soft and drape fantastic too. SOAK you are my hero.

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