Crochet Today Feb/March 07

I received my copy of Crochet Today, today.

How fun! Especially b/c I was so lucky to see some of them in person on the set of Knit and Crochet Today. I have to say, that was such an unexpected delight of filming. Getting my hands on all the projects from the magazine, and seeing them in person, you really see the extra spice every designer adds to their project.

I didn't get to see Amy's Vest which was a bummer. Because it looks fantastic! She even made the cover! It looks so stylish.

Another surprise in the magazine today was this project:

Puppy Collar, on the cute doggie and my 3 versions. I crocheted these a while ago, and it was so neat to see one on such a sweet doggie. They are super quick to make and really fun.

My favorite design of mine in the magazine is this ruffled purse. I love this little purse so much that I made one for myself and I actually have already worn out the handle. This too is a quick project that you can definitely finish in a night.

Maybe I'll make another this Sunday... Hmmm.


Amy O'Neill Houck said...

Oooh, ooh, I haven't gotten mine yet! Your purse is so cool.

Robyn said...

Thank you! I adore your vest!