Crochet, Coffee, and Kim and Cecily's Book

Crochet, Coffee, and Kim and Cecily's Book
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Last night was a first for me.

A friend asked me to teach her crochet. You may be surprised, but I have never taught anyone over the age of 6 how to crochet. And I was terrified.

So I came prepared. I made a little kit (yes I actually took my own advice) for Jen with yarn, hooks, and my secret weapons.... Books. One to inspire and one to teach.

Thank goodness for Kim and Cecily's Book, Teach Yourself to Visually Crochet. I was about to bring an old 60s pamphlet that I learned from, when I remembered that they wrote this great book with PICTURES. I love pictures. I was a ton less nervous, knowing if I didn't know how to describe a technique that they did.

My inspiration book for her was 200 Crochet Blocks. My first crochet project was a granny square sampler blanket and Jen mentioned that she really wanted to make a blanket. I loved learning new stitches on each square and thought she would too.

I'm proud to report by the end of the night. We had conquered the granny square. I'm so proud I could burst!


Kim Werker said...

Congratulations, Robyn! I'm so glad you had a successful night, and I'm kinda bowled over that our book played a part. :)

Robyn said...

Of course!

Your book is great. Its really easy to see what to do, and that's what I needed last night.

Courtney said...

Pick me next, pick me next. I want to sign up for lessons. I promise to be a good student!