Tunisian Mosaic Crochet Tutorial

Tunisian Mosaic Crochet Tutorial

Have you see the Tournament of Stitches hosted by Marly Bird?  It's a month long knit and crochet a-long of mosaic patterns.  It is incredibly fun!  I should know since I have knit and crocheted all of the make-a-long sections already. (I helped with the graphics and editing.)

It got me thinking about how much I enjoy Mosaic in Tunisian Crochet too. I also am missing my class I was going to be teaching this weekend on Tunisian Colorplay, this is one of the things we play with.

Mosaic Tunisian Crochet is just really 2 techniques combined together.   One is using drop double crochet, as my Next Steps in Tunisian Crochet classes know, it brings color down a row (or two).  The second technique is yarn overs, as my lace classes know, put holes in your work. Combine those together, and [BAM] you have Tunisian Mosaic Crochet!

I love when you combine 2 techniques you already know, and learn they are the basis for another technique! 

If you want to play along with me, go grab one of the charts from the Tournament of Stitches.  It can be either the knit or crochet.  You want the chart, not the stitch diagram. 

Tips and Tricks

1.  Each box in the chart counts as 1 Tunisian Simple Stitch.
2.  The very first color on the chart tells you what color to use in the whole row.
3.  A whole row of boxes represents 1 row in Tunisian (the forward and return).
4.  The Forward Pass has all the excitement, the Return is just work loops off as normal.
5.  Use only 1 color per row.
6.  If the box is the same color as your yarn, then either place a TSS or a Tunisian Double Crochet.
7.  If the box is not the color of your yarn, then do a YO.

Check out my video to see those tips in action.

Let me know if you give it a try!  I found it to be really fun.   It was a great brain yoga session for me.  Hope you love it!