Technique Tidbit: More Tunisian Increases and Decreases

Technique Tidbit: More Tunisian Increases and Decreases

My mind could not stop after last week's basic Tunisian Increase and Decreases.  So I had to add a few more to our arsenal to choose from.  Below are some more of my favorites.  I am toying with some fun Tunisian lace stitches that use them, since I clearly can not get them off my mind. 

Hope you enjoy!

Decrease Option 3: Double Slip Stitch
In the forward pass, pick up stitches as you normally would.  For us, we are decreasing 2 stitches.  So before moving on, pull last loop through the 2 previous loops on your hook.  This essentially slips them over that last loop.  The finally look does not have the pronounced starburst, but more of a slanted decrease look. 

Decrease Option 4:  Fancy Decrease
In the forward pass, you will be slipping the loop before and after the center decrease onto that center loop.  It ends up looking pretty invisible, and it a great one for those amazing lace patterns. To start the decrease you pick up a loop in the next 2 stitches like normal.  Then slip the last stitch through the previous one on your hook.  Then pick up the next stitch.  Pinch your work to hold the two loops in place while you remove your hook through the 2 stitches.  Replace your hook from the opposite direction (changing the order of the stitches).  Then slip the last one through the previous one again. 

Close-up of the Two Options:
The fancy decrease lays down like crochet slip stitches, the double slip stitch one slants to the left. 

Increase Option 3: Chain Stitches
Another incredibly easy increase with lots of uses.  When at the Return Pass, simply chain where you want to add a stitch.  Its just that easy.  When you go to do your next row, you will pick up a stitch in the chain (just like you would on a foundation chain to start your project). It gives a space or hole in your fabric making it a lace.  Looks very similar to a yarn over increase. 

Increase Option 4: Back Vertical Bar
On the Forward Pass, you will pick up a stitch in the back vertical bar.  Its the vertical strand that is hiding behind your very visible front vertical bar.  For the chevron that adds 2 stitches at the top of the "mountain", you will need to increase in the center stitch and next stitch to add the 2 stitches. The center spine of the chevron will have a "V" look instead of the vertical line. 

Close-up of the Two Options:
The back vertical bar creates a solid fabric while the chain stitches gives a lace fabric. 

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