Technique Tidbit: Tunisian Chevrons

Technique Tidbit:  Tunisian Chevrons

After releasing Gustav Tunisian Scarf, a couple of crocheters asked how to do chevrons in Tunisian Crochet.  This got me thinking; and honestly, you can do chevrons in as many ways as there are increases and decreases.  Which can be a bit overwhelming, or it can be really liberating!  That's the way I like to look at it.

Below I have just 2 ways of increasing and decreasing in Tunisian, look at it like a little taste of what you can do.  I took the increase and decrease in Gustav Scarf and gave a second option.  The chevron from a distance looks exactly the same.  Meaning, the second option did not change the chevron into a wave.  When you look at the stitches up close, the fabric will be different.  Both techniques have benefits, in the end it comes down to what you like to do.

Increase Option 1: Yarn Overs
Simply put, just yarn over and go on with whatever the directions say.  This adds one stitch to your hook.  It will give you a little hole, or a touch of lace.  Its the most common way to increase in knitting and Tunisian Crochet.

Increase Option 2: Pick Up Stitches
Pick up an extra stitch before or after your next stitch.  In the video, I am going into the horizontal bar before and after my next vertical stitch to add 2 stitches to my work.  This makes a solid fabric.  Note: You can play with where you pick up, you can go around the two top horizontal bars, through the stitch, through the back vertical bar, and more.  All give a slightly different look.  Go with whatever feels natural for you. 

Close-up of the Two Options:
You can see both give crisp tops to the chevron.  Option 1 adds holes, creating lace.  Option 2 gives a solid fabric. 

Decrease Option 1: Decrease on the Return Pass
This option has you pick up stitches as normal on the Forward Pass.  In my case, it was all Tunisian Simple Stitch.  Then on the Return Pass, you yarn over and pull through 4 loops on the hook.  That decreases the stitch count by 2 stitches. It gives a pretty starburst look to the stitch and is a solid fabric.  Only downside is sometimes I get in such a rhythm with my Return Pass, I forget to do the decrease. 

Decrease Option 2: Decrease on the Forward Pass
This option has you insert your hook through 3 stitches at once, then yarn over and pull up 1 loop on the Forward Pass. On the Return Pass, you will work the loops off as normal (yarn over and pull through 2 loops on the hook).  This option is easier for me to remember to do for some odd reason.  It does have a little gap on the left side of the stitch. 

Close-up of the Two Options:
You can see Option 1 are the cute starbursts, and Option 2 have a tiny gap.  Both give crisp valleys to the chevrons and are not noticeable from a distance.

Now these are only 2 options.  Just like knitting there is an amazing array of increases and decreases.  Each one changes the look slightly, and in my mind add some fun in the discovery!

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