Holiday Fun: Dalhousie Snowflake

What truly is the difference between crochet snowflakes and crochet flowers?   Not a lot to be honest.  Both are made the same way starting in the center and working out, and both are usually either 6 or 8 petals/ points.  All are used as decoration, jewelry, embellishments.  I love them both, so naturally why not combine the two?

Today's snowflake is a hybrid of a three dimensional flower and a simple snowflake.  I like the idea of having some depth to the snowflake, especially if it is used as an ornament on a tree.  This snowflake I am using as a quick gift by hot gluing it onto a headband for a festive accessory.   Try mixing color on each round for some very colorful motif.  These would also make great pins or gift tags.  Best part is they take less then an hour to completely finish.

Dalhousie Snowflake

popcorn: 5 treble crochet into stitch indicated, remove hook, insert hook into the top of the first treble, place free loop on hook and pull through first treble.

Make an adjustable ring (or magic loop)
Rnd 1: Ch 1, 12 sc in ring, sl st to first sc, pull ring closed, do not turn.
Rnd 2: *Ch 3, popcorn in next sc, ch 3, sl st in next sc; rep from * around, fasten off. - 6 popcorn.
Rnd 3: Join yarn with sl st to top of popcorn, *ch 9, sl st in top of next popcorn; rep from * around, do not turn or fasten off. - 6 ch-9 sps.
Rnd 4: *Ch 4, (sc, ch 4, sc) in
ch-9 sp, ch 4, sl st in next sl st; rep from * around, fasten off and weave in ends.

note: Looking for some more drama in this snowflake?  Try making the popcorns with double treble crochets instead for even more popping texture.  Rather less dimension?  Then try substituting a 3 double crochet cluster for the popcorn.  I think you will find the experiment very fun either way you choose.

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