Learn Crochet Cables Class

Now that I am slowly digging myself out of my book induced hole, I realized there are a few mini classes I forgot to mention are now available over at Interweave.com and CraftDaily.com.  Hope you enjoy them all!

New Class!  Learn to Crochet Cables: 3 Techniques for Cables Stitches

Have you always wanted to create beautiful, textured cables in crochet, similar to the designs you’ve seen in knitting? This is the perfect video tutorial for you. I will guide you through the stitches you need to know to create the most beautiful crochet cables for any type of fabric.  Even if you think you know everything about crochet cables, I just may surprise you with a new technique or two.

We will learn three different types of crochet cable techniques using post stitches, chain stitch embroidery, and short rows. Each technique is perfect for different types of projects and the drape you may need.  Plus they are all really much easier than you think. Then,  you can practice what you’ve learned on the three included crochet cable pillow patterns! In the video tutorial, I really try to go slowly and make sure the diagrams and techniques are very easy to understand. Happy crochet cabling!


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Just Another Old Geezer said...

Thank You so much - these classes look like a great learning opportunity to enhance skills quickly.