Filming Again....Next Season of Knit and Crochet Now!

Brett and Maggie on Set
Last week we all gathered again to film the next 13 episodes of Knit and Crochet Now for PBS Create Channel.  I believe the season we filmed in October of last year is now airing.  I say "i believe" because here in Pennsylvania we don't have any creative programming on our PBS station, so I haven't seen it at all.  I do know that the DVD is ready though, if you are interested.  Of course, check Knit and Crochet Now website or sign up for the newsletter to get all the up-to-date information, since these days my memory is like swiss cheese.
Brett and CJ 2.0 and me

Anyway, this season the "news" was my giant belly.  And I mean GIANT.  CJ 2.0 (Chachula Junior #2) makes quite the appearance   We had to do a lot of configuring to shoot all my segments.  I am so short, that I stand on a box to make Brett and I look a bit more level.  But with being 6mths pregnant, my balance is all off.  So all the camera picked up was me swaying.  Only figures right!  This season will be pretty funny to watch with my baby belly.  Luckily, the projects I demonstrate were all easy so that even my baby brain were able to explain and demonstrate them clearly.

Green room watching.
Love the project they are demo'ing!
All the experts are back again for this season.  Ellen Gormley and I head up the crochet segments. Kristin Nicholas and Maggie Pace explain the knitting segments.  Brett Bara hosts and demonstrates a new segment on scarves.  This season the crochet and knitting segments are all longer (almost 3 min longer) so we get much more in depth on every project.  The camera and studio crew are the same, which makes it feeling like coming home after filming 6 seasons with the fabulous crew.  I will say, I totally show up early to spend time with our makeup artist/ stylist, Amanie.  She always has great tips and makes you transform from tired mommy to human being.  Speaking of tired mommy, I my baby brain totally forgot to pack any (and I mean any) jewelry.  OOPS!  So the night before I left, I broke out all my beads and jewelry supplies and quickly whipped up some jewelry for the show.  Thank goodness!  Crafting to the rescue again.

On set with other last min jewelry.
You can see all my photos over on flickr, or mosy over to the other experts sites/ facebook/ twitter for their takes.  Hope you all enjoy this season too!


Voie de Vie said...

You look good - hope you are feeling well!

Hindustanka said...

Yes, you look fabulous! So good to know that crochet and knitting are being popularized :) All the best!