Swatches for the Holiday

Crochet Wreath

Every year I try to make something for our holiday decorations.  I have made dreidels, star ornaments, scarf wreath, snowflakes, and more.

This year I have been having this obsession about covering things in snowflake motifs.  Like ornaments.  I took this idea and plastered it to my wreath.  As you know I have a million swatches laying around.  I decided it was time they are put to good use.

The wreath is a bit ugly and a bit mismatched, just the way I like it.  At least no one else in the neighborhood will have one like it!


1 foam floral ring
10 crocheted motifs
4 crocheted flowers
handful of straight pins
ball of red yarn

1.  Wrap yarn around ring completely covering it in red yarn.  Secure with straight pin
2. Lay motifs on the ring.  Secure in place with pins on back of ring.
3.  Decorate with crocheted flowers, again securing with pins.

Took me about 30 mins total to make.

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