Stress free last minute gifts for Crocheters

My sister in law asked me recently for some ideas for her favorite crocheter that was not hooks, books, and yarn.  It was such a great question I thought maybe you guys might be looking for some ideas too.  So here are some of my top picks, mainly stuff that I would adore, so I know other crocheters would like too.

Online Classes:

Crochet Sweater Studio
Interweave.com for info
You can get gift certificates for any online crochet class.  I know I adore classes but it is so hard to get to one.  Online classes are perfect, you can take them anytime and go back again and again to them.  Even for me, which my knowledge of crochet you could say is pretty advanced, always learns something new in every class I take.  There are 3 great places to get classes online.  Craftsy.com, Annie's.com, and Interweave.com.  You guys know I have my workshops all at Interweave; but check out the others too.  I know all the crochet instructors at the other sites too and they are really talented teachers.  DEFINITELY worth it!

Yarn Bags

Rio by Jordana Paige
You never ever can have enough yarn bags.  I have yarn bags that are nicer then my actual purses.  They are super handy to have lots with a project in each one so your hands can always be busy.  Some of my favorites for the glam crocheter are Jordana Paige and Namaste, both are ones I use when I am put together.  The other way to go is crafty.  I love using my Yarn Pop bag when I am on the go.  It is cute and make me happy just looking at it.
Yarn Pop yarn bag

Hermosa by Namaste

Handmaid hand cream by Soak

Hand Therapy
Crocheters hands need love too.  Intensive therapy especially in the winter.  Gifts of lovely and healing hand cream and cuticle oil are really thoughtful.  That way your favorite crocheter and keep happily crocheting without pain from broken dry finger.  Soak is always a favorite of mine, since they really get what stitchers hands go through. Plus their gift boxes of yarn, creme, and patterns are so cute!

Wrapture by Eucalan

Wool Wash
This is one of those things that I use all the time and rarely remember to get for myself.  All projects need blocked after you are finished, and it is always worth it to get something that smells nice as well is gentle.  Soak and Eucalan make great products.  I really like Eucalan's new scent Wrapture inspired by my friend Kristin Omdahl and her love of jasmine.

Hope these ideas help!  And hope everyone has wonderful holidays!

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Kim said...

We also welcome gift certificates to yarn shops :)

I don't have any crocheters on my list, but my sister is a knitter. I got her the 2013 knitting-pattern-a-day calendar and some luxurious yarn in her favourite colour with matching nailpolish.